How Distributors can Embrace Wholesale eCommerce

Gaurav Singh Rana

How Distributors can Embrace Wholesale eCommerce

Wholesale distributors are adapting to technology quickly building multi-channel strategies, facilitating retailers to buy from them more conveniently. Fundamental transformation has already begun in the wholesale distribution industry with distributors turning into e-distributors.

Digital disruption has changed the relationship of distributors with their wholesale buyers. New age wholesale customers can easily purchase from anyone around the world now, along with the demands of personalisation, better pricing and faster delivery. Those who haven’t embraced technology are already facing the consequences, as their buyers are gradually shifting to the e-distributors.

Apart from traditional distributors and e-distributors, there is a third type—distributors lingering between traditional ways and e-distribution. These are the ones constantly struggling with syncing their business manually with an eCommerce platform.

Technology is transforming the business models and supply chains. E-distributors are already changing their processes and models, making best use of the data to beat all the competition with the help of their B2B eCommerce solutions. They are also working more efficiently while increasing ROI on wholesale eCommerce solutions. If you are a wholesale distributor wanting to turn into an e-distributor, this is the blog for you. The information further will help you in choosing and implementing the right e-distribution system in your business.

Recognise Value Adding Opportunities

Some wholesale distributors might have already incorporated value added services such as selection of products, packing, shipping, and many more. There are more advanced services that can take distribution to a new level. Some of them are:

  • Product installation/assembly
  • Customisation
  • Field service and quality checks
  • Warranty activation
  • Training

A data driven business can easily define the new opportunities and related requirements. E-distributors keep analysing the data from their wholesale eCommerce system to find out better ways of doing business, improving ROI and eliminating any possible competition.

Deliver In Real-Time

In the distribution business, delivery is not just about goods, but also about services. Wholesale customers not only expect fast delivery, but also quick responses on their query, fast assembly or installation of the delivered goods, faster training or consultations, and many more. In short, customers want everything in real time.

Technology helps with operational flexibility. 24*7 online customer support, self-service experience, access to all the data of the transactions at all times, and many other benefits like this have made e-distributors stand-out.

Real-time analytics help a lot with logistics and stock management of course. The all-hour agile manner has already disrupted the distribution industry pretty much. Such detailed data of all the processes and transactions along with the analytics help e-distributors forecast their business far better.

Assess Digital Maturity

Before choosing e-distribution, wholesale distributors must assess how comfortable their customers are with technology. It doesn’t mean that technology cannot exist where customers are not comfortable. All it means is that the distributor must know how easy the UI/UX of their e-distribution system must be. Additionally, the team must be given thorough training to make them comfortable with the change.

Identification of gaps is very important here. Distributors must know how to recognise the gaps in productivity and return on investment because the potential of technology is still being explored and there are very high chances that you are only able to take very small benefits out of it. These gaps are also possible due to an inefficient e-distribution system or inexperienced vendor. Make sure that you know what you want before you go for it. Of course, you don’t need to learn coding and other things. All you need is to know what all you must expect from your e-distribution system and how it will help you grow better.

Post covid, e-distribution is becoming popular like a bushfire. The faster you choose it and adapt with the change, the better your business will grow. Biggest benefit of technology at this time is—avoiding the human touch. So, you not only improve your ROI, but also keep your team safe. Hopefully, this blog would have helped you in embracing technology better. Choose right wholesale eCommerce software and stay ahead of the curve. Take Demo of Edistera Wholesale Commerce Software Now !!

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June 17, 2022
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