5 Things to Know about Distributor Management System

Gaurav Singh Rana

5 Things to Know about Distributor Management System

Distributor Management System (DMS) helps in managing the supply chain by handling promotions, invoicing, inventory, order management and many more for distributors. The ongoing product overflow and retail level saturation has made the role of a distributor incrementally important for brands. A good Distributor Management System streamlines all distribution workflows and activities, improves supply chain efficiency, eliminates stock outs and overstocking and allows companies to access real time data from distributors which helps in forecasting sales.

Importance of Distributor Management System

1. Real-time visibility of all data

When you can check the data of all distribution channels in real-time, it helps in a lot of ways, such as by giving you sales analytics, stock-out scenarios, stock movement, better procurement planning, scheme management, and many more. Those who don’t have DMS, rely on the offline data provided by their distributors. This data is neither real-time nor completely authentic. Hence, losing all the benefits of real-time and giving control to the distributors.

2. Instant claim settlement

With the help of the distributor management system, distributors get enough time to settle the claim faster online, as they get the update instantly. Be it returns, damaged receipts, schemes or any other thing, almost everything can be settled instantly with the help of DMS. Additionally, transparency is maintained at all levels; everyone has the clarity on receivables and payables.

3. Faster restocking

As distributor management software gives you exact and real-time data of the stock, expiry date, batch number, returns, etc, stock replenishment becomes very accurate, causing lesser damage to goods; hence improving profits. With the help of analytics, you can also predict the restocking requirements and plan for it accordingly.

4. Better management of promotions & schemes

Promotions and schemes have a very significant effect on the profits of your company. But, there has always been certain hindrances, as it is difficult to know if the promotions and schemes are reaching to the retailers. Further, it is another challenge to know the benefits of a particular promotion or scheme. With the help of the distributor management software, you get all the accurate information in real-time.

5. Standardisation of distribution workflows

Distributor management solution is the one system used by all the people involved at all levels in the distribution. Hence, there is only one version of truth and data, which cannot be questioned by anyone. This helps in streamlining all the processes and reduces the time invested in unnecessary meetings and other forms of communication.

Distributor management software by Edistera will fuel your sales and distribution activities to help you achieve high profits. Our product is built in a way to involve features helping all sorts of manufacturers and distributors. We ensure that our B2B commerce software keeps improving with the latest technology to keep our users ahead of the curve. To know more about Distributor Management Software, talk to our B2B specialists, we will happy to answer your queries.

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June 17, 2022
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