Powering Direct to Retail for Smarter Wholesale

Digitize and engage with your retailers by directly connecting with them

  • Let retailers self-serve 24×7 through your branded retailer mobile app
  • Deliver retailer-specific experience with their own catalog, pricing & schemes
  • Communicate and engage directly with your retailers & build lasting relationship
  • Understand what’s happening across online and in-person sales channels
Direct to Retail
Direct to Retails (DTR)

Despite many opportunities of Direct-to-Consumer (DTC), wholesale still remains to be a major part of the brand's business – and won’t be going away anytime soon. Wholesale can be an excellent marketing channel, boost volumes to create economies of scale, and reduce risk by enabling selling on preorder.

With Edistera B2B Commerce Cloud, leading brands are now embracing a “direct to retail” strategy for their wholesale business, serving their retailers digitally through private wholesale store removing middlemen. The same principles that apply to the DTC strategy, are now also applied for selling wholesale to retailers - although of course slightly differently.

Built for Direct to Retail (DTR)

Edistera ROI Impact - Larger Orders

Easy and Intuitive

B2C-like buying experience for retailers configured to your branding needs

Edistera ROI Impact - Reduced Operational Costs

Retailer Personalisation

Catalog, price lists, payment methods, and more, tailored for your retailers

Edistera ROI Impact - Increased Revenue Potential

Modern Digital Catalog

Showcase modern digital catalog, marketing collateral & up-to-date stock

Edistera ROI Impact - Increased Revenue Potential

Barcode Scanning

Use your mobile phone for product lookup and shelf-side ordering

Edistera ROI Impact - Increased Revenue Potential

Digital Order Taking

Collect and maximise order volume without physical visits to retailers

Edistera ROI Impact - Increased Revenue Potential

Order Tracking

Let your retailer track order dispatches from you with regular updates

Edistera ROI Impact - Increased Revenue Potential

Trade Promotions

Increase order size and improve margins by cross-selling and upselling

Edistera ROI Impact - Increased Revenue Potential

Direct Engagement

Connect & engage directly with new launches, schemes & announcements

Edistera ROI Impact - Lower Cost of Ownership

ERP Integration

Keep data fresh, and consistent across channels, with back office integrations

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Kolhu Case Study

"I’m glad we have Edistera. We’re using Edistera Rep for our sales team & Edistera Direct for many of our wholesale buyers. Our buyers love mobile ordering, people are ordering products that they wouldn’t have ordered before. Overall, it’s an excellent product. "

Varun Ahlawat, Sales & Marketing, Kolhu
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