Wholesale Commerce, Simplified

Grow your wholesale business by bringing customers closer to you - both in-person and online.

More Channels, More Customers, More Sales

Omnichannel commerce platform to unify B2B eCommerce, Sales Force Automation and DTC.

AI Based B2B Sales Platform for Brands

Digitise and automate your B2B sales channels including distributors, sales reps and retailers.

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The Edistera B2B Commerce Cloud

B2B Commerce is how every product arrives on every shelf, in every store at the right time and manage all your customer ordering on one central platform.

Solutions for both your Customers + Sales Reps

Edistera Direct

A private, customisable B2B store app for your wholesale customers to place orders anytime, anywhere.

Edistera Rep

A mobile app for your sales reps to write orders and access digital catalog, inventory & order history on the go.

Edistera DMS

Easy to use distributor management software for your distributors to manage orders, inventory & purchases.

Your Very Own AI-Powered Branded Online B2B Store

Give your B2B customers the modern online ordering experience they’re used to in their consumer lives with Edistera Direct, a fully customisable B2B eCommerce mobile app.

A Smarter, Highly Productive Salesforce

Edistera Rep is an AI-driven sales CRM mobile app for your sales reps to write orders and access a digital catalog, inventory, and order history on the go.

Make Edistera Your Own

Edistera Hub is an enterprise-grade robust backend where you can manage customers, distributors, catalog, orders & customise branding to meet your business needs.

Order Fulfillment
Fulfill orders at a faster pace, with visibility of the entire supply chain including backorders, invoicing, payments & sales returns.
Inventory Management
Keep track of your products as you sell, and restock across multiple warehouse locations and channels.
Manage Bundles & Packs
Manage product bundles & pack sizes with ease and build a modern digital catalog which includes multiple images, videos and files.
Price List Management
Price lists enable you to sell more by managing custom pricing by product and customer relationship.
Secondary Sales Execution
Fulfill secondary orders placed by retailers or sales reps. Manage customer payments, invoicing and sales returns without any hassle.
Inventory & Purchase Management
Distributors can manage and update inventory overcoming gap of supply and demand. Also can issue purchase orders to brand.
Your Own Branding
Choosing your brand colours and uploading a logo is all it takes to personalize our clean and stylish theme template.
Flexible Customisation
Build custom field, activity forms & business rules like order minimums, specific to your business. You don’t have to compromise on your existing selling strategy.
Powerful Integrations
Easily integrate your ERP and other best-in-class third party solutions like shipping, marketing and inventory software.

The ROI Impact

Edistera ROI Impact - Larger Orders


Edistera’s B2B commerce cloud drives more frequent, larger orders with an intuitive, familiar user experience and increased visibility to your entire product line.

Edistera ROI Impact - Reduced Operational Costs


Reduce expenses (up to 75%) associated with data entry, catalog printing and distribution, and costs related to fixing order errors and managing backorders.

Edistera ROI Impact - Lower Cost of Ownership


Switching over from your expensive custom-built or on-premise solution? Edistera’s B2B commerce cloud is better value for an affordable price.

Edistera ROI Impact - Increased Revenue Potential


Whether it’s bringing back customers that haven’t ordered from you in years or freeing up your sales rep’s time to focus on customer expansion, Edistera allows you to seize new revenue opportunities.

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Kolhu Case Study

"I’m glad we have Edistera. We’re using Edistera Rep for our sales team & Edistera Direct for many of our wholesale buyers. Our buyers love mobile ordering, people are ordering products that they wouldn’t have ordered before. Overall, it’s an excellent product. "

Varun Ahlawat, Sales & Marketing, Kolhu
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