A Smarter, Less Manual Field Sales

eCommerce CRM & Order taking app for sales reps on the go

  • Empower your field sales reps to sell more, sell smarter and sell faster
  • Complete view of your customers activity at your fingertips
  • Modern digital catalog showcasing your products and marketing collateral
  • Plan activities and maximize productivity on the road
Direct to Retail
Field Sales Automation

Field sales has always been challenging. Sales reps are on the road constantly, visiting customers, merchandising products, and managing their work from their vehicles and hotel rooms. They must balance flexibility and productivity, while setting their own schedules each day and staying focused on meeting tough sales goals.

Businesses are looking to equip sales reps out in the field with a more efficient way of taking down orders than the paper order forms of years past - field sales automation that includes customer information, a digital catalog, and a digital order writing interface on a mobile device. Edistera Rep is enabling field sales reps to write orders and access digital catalog, inventory and order history and be more productive.

Built for Field Sales Automation

Edistera ROI Impact - Larger Orders

Mobile Order Taking

Fast & efficient order taking with digital catalog, order history or barcode scans

Edistera ROI Impact - Reduced Operational Costs

Modern Digital Catalog

Access to modern digital catalog, marketing collateral & up-to-date stock

Edistera ROI Impact - Increased Revenue Potential

Mobile CRM

360° view of customers including order history, pricing, payments & returns

Edistera ROI Impact - Increased Revenue Potential

Offline Access

Allows sales reps to write order even when offline with native mobile app

Edistera ROI Impact - Increased Revenue Potential

Activity Planner

Plan your day, applying business logic to segment and prioritize customers

Edistera ROI Impact - Increased Revenue Potential

Instant Order Sync

Sync orders automatically to your back office system for faster fulfillment

Edistera ROI Impact - Increased Revenue Potential

Measure Productivity

Measure sales rep’s activity and performance to self assess and improve

Edistera ROI Impact - Increased Revenue Potential

Territory Management

Only see the customer & order info that’s most relevant to sales reps

Edistera ROI Impact - Lower Cost of Ownership

Attendance Tracking

Manage and track field sales rep’s attendance with optional GPS tracking

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Kolhu Case Study

"I’m glad we have Edistera. We’re using Edistera Rep for our sales team & Edistera Direct for many of our wholesale buyers. Our buyers love mobile ordering, people are ordering products that they wouldn’t have ordered before. Overall, it’s an excellent product. "

Varun Ahlawat, Sales & Marketing, Kolhu
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