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5 Ways Online B2B Order Platform will Impact your Business

Gaurav Singh Rana

5 Ways Online B2B Order Platform will Impact your Business

Online B2B ordering platform can completely transform your wholesale business. It might sound too big a change, but the results are absolutely sweet. In our 10 years of experience, we have only seen businesses growing exponentially with the help of technology. Yes, initially, it might be a tough to adapt for some businesses, as the team takes time to adjust with the change, especially technical change. But, in the longer run, it has always turned out to be the best decision ever.

Advantages of B2B Ordering Platform

Even though B2B ordering technology improves the business in various ways, I have tried to outline the major ones to explain the benefits here.

1. Skyrocketing revenue and multiplied orders

Online B2B ordering platform not just increases the opportunities to make more revenue, but also reduces the cost significantly. Being everything online, first of all, your printing costs get reduced. Secondly, you save time (more time, more orders, more money). The reduced effort of your field sales team gives them enough time to invent creative ways to bring more orders and to work on building better relationships with your customers. Being everything online, your customers can also discover products better, as they can see them live in the form of photos/videos. Last but not the least, B2B ordering software offers you the opportunity to promote your business worldwide digitally. Digital marketing is always cheaper than traditional marketing, as your ad can reach worldwide in a very less amount and doesn’t require any printing. You must check it out: Decoding the Business ROI and Impact

2. Easy back office integration

Online order entry software is designed to work in synchronization with other ERP softwares. If you don’t have any existing software and this is the first one, no problem, as new software these days comes with all the features. All types of customization are possible as per your convenience, when you are choosing technology. The purpose is to just cut the hassle, time, and cost. This integration of software keeps all the data synced in real time, cutting the data entry cost for you.

3. Faster fulfillment

Traditional way of wholesale business required several levels of data entry and cross-check before the final shipping. Also, fulfillment planning is a task when you don’t have technology, because you can’t get any real-time information on the availability, their costs as per date, etc. Not booking your shipment at the right time can also cost you loads; and shipping on an urgent basis has extra charges too. Time and money both are lost when technology is missing. Online ordering software helps you process all the orders instantly; shipping details are prepared and shipment is ready to leave immediately.

4. Reduced order errors

Order errors have not just been awkward but are also taking away a huge chunk of your revenue. Manual entries always have a lot of chance for human errors and it has been a worldwide problem. But, machines don’t make mistakes the way humans do. Hence, technology saves you a lot of cost as well as time spent on errors and returns.

5. Better demand planning

The biggest benefit of an online B2B order platform is analytics. Your software gives the detailed analytics of your business in terms of orders, revenue, shipping, sales performance, product performance, etc. You know exactly what to improve and where to work upon. This data also helps in predicting the business better, so that you can create a concrete plan and predict the profits. This prediction helps your inventory managers to refill the stock accordingly. The data helps you and your team to identify sales trends as well as patterns to perform better every time.

So, we know that technology is any day better than the traditional way of doing business. Lately, the majority of the business owners have already shifted to the technology either partially or completely.

Understanding that any changes in business might get difficult and cause unexpected disruptions to the existing systems, we have figured out almost all the possible problems and solutions. If you are not sure about the fit of our B2B ordering software in your business, please feel free to contact us. We would love to analyze the pros and cons to find out how technology can take you ahead of all the competition.

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June 17, 2022
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