Top Online B2B Marketplaces in India

Surbhi Bhadauria

Top Online B2B Marketplaces in India

B2B eCommerce market is rapidly expanding in India post Covid pandemic. Lockdowns and restricted movements have forced several manufacturers and wholesalers to embrace technology for their business, which has turned out rather beneficial in terms of revenue. Please read this blog to know more: B2B eCommerce ROI: Decoding the Business ROI and Impact

In this blog, we will stick to the discussion about the top online B2B marketplaces in India.


As far as Indian B2B marketplace are concerned, IndiaMART is the most popular one till date. Over the time, the website has gained its reputation for keeping an accurate database. IndiaMART is always the first choice of Indians to look for the sellers’ details online. With the help of available contact details, buyers can directly contact the seller and make the deal.


As soon as anyone thinks about B2B marketplace, Alibaba is the first name that comes to mind. This Chinese company rules the B2B eCommerce marketplace industry in the entire world, allowing buyers and sellers to connect with each other globally. There is no bar on quantity as well, so buyers can choose to buy as little as one product. In spite of being the global giant, Alibaba has its share of competitors in India as well.


The website was launched with a vision of connecting buyers and sellers globally. This helped Indian business owners connect with other businesses around the world. They also assist global buyers to locate Indian suppliers, manufacturers and exporters.

Rising B2B eCommerce Marketplace in India

Though we have categorised Indiamart and TradeIndia as B2B eCommerce marketplace, they don't enable commerce on their website. They are basically business listing websites where you can connect with businesses offline which is not eCommerce.

India is still in its nascent stage as far as the B2B eCommerce industry is concerned. Several startups have now come up to enable B2B commerce on their website which was missing in business listing websites like Indiamart. and they work as online B2B eCommerce marketplace. Let's look at these rising B2B eCommerce marketplace startups in India.


Udaan is a B2B trade marketplace, designed specifically for small & medium businesses in India. It is connecting small retailers with wholesalers and traders. The startup today serves more than 3 million retailers and small and medium-sized businesses and it has signed up thousands of brands, including Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Boat Lifestyle, Micromax, HP, LG, ITC, HUL and P&G.


An industrial B2B eCommerce marketplace serves over 500,000 small, medium-sized business and enterprises. Moglix runs a supply chain network of 16,000 suppliers, over 35 warehouses and logistics infrastructure. With close to 500,000+ SKUs on its platform, the startup claims to be the largest eCommerce platform of industrial goods in India.


As the name suggests, Power2SME was launched with an aim to help SMEs grow better by making procurement of raw materials easier as well as affordable. Loan facility is also available for SMEs. Overall, this platform fulfils all the requirements of SMEs along with high-quality suppliers such as LG, Essar, and Indian Oil, to name a few.


Similar to Power2SME, OfBusiness is a B2B marketplace that enables businesses in the manufacturing & infrastructure sectors to procure raw materials and provide credit facilities. In particular, it focuses on the SME sector and envisions improving the supply chain cycle in it.


The name is enough for the people to trust. This eCommerce giant entered the B2B segment after receiving FDI approval in 2015. Started from Bangalore and Mangalore in India, Amazon Business has plans to gradually expand in India city-by-city. It is a members-only website and anyone with a license to business can join.

There are several other B2B marketplaces in India that are doing well in their own way. Also, the industry is booming, so more are about to enter the market. We will keep you posted with recent development in B2B commerce industry so subscribe to our newsletter to keep yourself updated with latest trends.

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June 17, 2022
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