Marketing Opportunities in eCommerce for B2B

Gaurav Singh Rana

Marketing Opportunities in eCommerce for B2B

B2B eCommerce is one of the most rapidly growing industry right now giving your retailers the options to place orders online 24/7 has huge advantages. You will not only see frequent re-orders but also see your sales reps effectiveness and efficiency going up. As personal interaction has been reduced, digitisation has taken over the most of the wholesale processes in businesses. Surprisingly, becoming more tech-savvy has only accelerated the growth and profits of B2B companies. If you want to know more, click here: Decoding the Business ROI and Impact

Another opportunity, you can unleash with B2B eCommerce is the marketing and engagement with your wholesale customers which was earlier limited to sales rep's visit to the store. That’s why, in this blog, we are focusing on the marketing opportunities for B2B eCommerce.

How B2B eCommerce offers Marketing Opportunities

  1. Helps you maintain a permanent brand showcase:  With B2B eCommerce platform setup, you can have your catalogue online, which can be accessed by your retailers and at any time around the world. Your catalogues will always be right there for them to access which can build positive and engaging brand experience.
  2. Training materials and promotional videos to help sell your products further: If retailers sell your products more, they will buy more. In order to help them sell better, training materials and promotional videos online will help them understand the features of your products, so that they can influence the end consumer to buy more from them. B2B eCommerce platform allows you to keep the training material available online, so that your retailers can access them whenever they want to, and stay updated all the time.
  3. Instant promotions, immediate orders: Previously, when the brands did not have B2B eCommerce solutions, promotions had to be planned and executed days ahead. It used to take many days to make your promotion reach to target customers, and then the process of getting the manual orders was more difficult with inadequate feedback of the campaigns or promotions. When you run the marketing campaigns or promotions online, it reaches to your wholesale customers or retailers instantly. Hence, they place the order instantly. And of course, further process is also seamless with right B2B ordering solution in place.
  4. Instant notification on new releases and early previews: With a B2B eCommerce solution, you can keep your retailers updated in real time for any new releases of the products; also provide them with the early previews. You can get pre-orders to manufacture the lot. Everything becomes so fast and instant. Hence, increases your growth and profits with healthier cash flow.
  5. Loyalty programs and trade schemes: We always say that B2B is all about relationships so with online B2B ordering, you can provide offers to your loyal retailers to retain and engage them. It helps you balance out the inventory by giving you flexibility to increase or decrease the inventory instantly as per the convenience. Keeping a personal connection with your top customers always help. For new customers, you may also launch the starter trade schemes.

The relationship between brands and their wholesale customers is rapidly changing. Whosoever is able to offer more convenient, more transparent ways of having communication, is always benefiting. While this relationship was initially catalysed by the advent of wholesale sales technology, B2B eCommerce gives your brand the opportunity to nurture deep customer connections year round, and the ability to develop retailers into strong brand advocates.

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June 17, 2022
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