Why Field Force Automation is Must for Wholesale Commerce

Surbhi Bhadauria

Why Field Force Automation is Must for Wholesale Commerce

Field Force Automation (FFA) can dramatically change the complete game of your wholesale business. The secret lies in the software. There are several software for field force automation. The one which suits your business needs most and also has the most futuristic features can take your business ahead of all competition.

“One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them. One ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them.”

If you are not a Tolkien fan, I will just come to the point. So, Field Force Automation (FFA) is like that ring of power, which gives the control of your entire sales force on your finger tips.

Except for the “binding them in the darkness” part, you literally can keep a track of their sales activities in real-time and in so many different ways—and most probably, FFA is better than that ring of power, as far as sales is concerned.

6 Big Reasons to Choose Field Force Automation

FFA software is designed for salespeople who work in the field and the leadership team to manage sales activities. Here, smartphones are used as primary devices for communication and collaboration. FFA solutions focus on increasing the productivity of employees by automating the most time-consuming tasks that don’t require human input. This includes activities such as:

  • scheduling,
  • managing contacts,
  • managing inventory,
  • managing orders,
  • generating reports, etc.

The goal is to give employees more time to focus on fostering relationships with clients and closing deals. In short, Field Force Automation gives you complete control over your sales force.

1. Helps in Increasing Revenue

The field force management software enables organisations to digitize their whole order management system for sales reps. With this, businesses can easily streamline their sales processes and increase order size. The implementation of such technologies also helps in cross-selling and upselling. By digitizing the efforts of sales processes, the companies can easily increase their outcomes, which eventually increases the revenue.

2. Better Planning and Execution

The biggest challenge that the mobile workforce face to execute their operations is following up with customers—and in case, the customers still does not get what they were looking for, it is entirely a waste of time and effort. But, an effective FFA technology can help automate the processes as per the customer's requirements. This way, the sales operations can be planned and executed better.

3. Sales Digitization

Sales become very easy with the implementation of field force automation software. Many of the tasks can be digitized and the need for manual paper work reduces significantly. Also, one can monitor the sales as well as entire business activities in real-time. All in all, field force automation technology can help in digitizing the whole sales process to increase outcomes.

4. Behavioural Improvement

Behavior of the sales representatives is a major deciding factor for customers. Field force automation, with the help of the latest technologies, offers ways to improve sales behavior. One such way is gamification, which is the feature of rewarding each sales representative for their good behavior in the form of medals, earning points, high leaderboard ranking, etc. You also get to learn what behavior works best in converting the leads.

5. Better Customer Relationship Management

Field force automation can help you keep track of customer details, including shipping, payment information, ordering pattern, and so many other things. You can also use field force automation to create customer relations management (CRM) systems. This information is also helpful in sending automatic notifications, and creating a seamless and personalized experience across all touchpoints. Field force automation also allows you to create automated sales and marketing campaigns. This will allow you to target potential customers, follow up with existing customers, and foster relationships with customers.

6. Better Visibility and Utmost Transparency

There are several aspects of wholesale commerce that require a high level of visibility and transparency. For example, if you want to offer the best customer experience, you must keep an eye on all customer orders. At the same time, you must be able to track changes in product demand and respond to changes in inventory.

Field sales management can be used to monitor customer orders, including tracking the source, product, quantity, and more. Similarly, it can track product demand, inventory, and changes in inventory in real-time. Depending on the solution you choose, you can fully integrate your field force automation with your back office systems. This way, you can see all orders and inventory changes in one place and respond to changes quickly and efficiently.


Field force automation is one of the most important elements of wholesale commerce. It provides businesses with a path to success, as it is fully integrated with existing technologies. It also helps businesses improve visibility of sales rep activities and foster relationships with customers.

Now that you understand why field force automation is important for success in wholesale commerce, make sure that you consider it as part of your business strategy moving forward. If you don’t have a field sales app, it’s time to look for one.

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December 16, 2022
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