5 Key Benefits of Field Sales Tracking

Surbhi Bhadauria

5 Key Benefits of Field Sales Tracking

Field sales tracking is not supposed to freak out your sales team, but to help them perform better. There is a very famous quote: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” In this blog, you will learn how field sales tracking can multiply the returns on your sales efforts.

Top 5 Advantages of Field Sales Tracking

Before we jump to the advantages, let’s think about the basics of field sales tracking. The term “field sales tracking” sounds as if you are tracking your sales people, which is absolutely untrue. You are basically automating your sales activities and tracking the data (not the people) to figure out better ways of doing it. So, there is no need to frown upon the word “tracking”.

Once you understand the benefits of field sales tracking, you will be able to help your “Sales Ninjas” understand how this automation can actually make their job far easier. Let’s start with the 5 benefits now.

Benefit 1: Help Identify the Best Leads for Your Sales Team

Not all leads are equally beneficial, and your sales team will have limited resources to figure out the right ones. A better way to prioritize leads is to identify the ones that are ready to buy at the earliest.

A field sales tracker can help you identify those leads by monitoring the following parameters during the sales rep’s visit to a prospect:

  • Duration of the visit.
  • The number of times the client mentions their pain points.
  • The number of times the sales force mentions the product benefits.
  • The number of times the client mentions a decision-making timeline etc.

Once you have the details of these parameters, you can sort the sales leads based on the data. Then, it will be simple to assign the best leads to your sales reps. Doing so will help you reduce the time sales reps spend on unqualified leads and focus their efforts on the best leads that are likely to convert. This will free up sales reps’ time and enable them to complete more sales, thereby helping your company’s sales grow.

Benefit 2: Provide a Complete Picture of Customers’ Activity

The sales force tracking app helps you get a complete picture of your customers’ activity history. When you know what customer is buying, it becomes easier to forecast their buying pattern and outcome in the future. It also becomes easier to identify their current problems, identify ways to solve them, and use the solutions to sell your products and services. You can track the customer’s activity at every stage based on the following: customer demographics, sentiments, interactions, actions, etc.

Benefit 3: Sales Effort vs. Conversion

One can use real-time field sales tracking to compare the sales efforts with conversion to find the problems and fix them. You can do so by tracking:

  • Duration of sales visits.
  • Visits each salesperson completes in a day.
  • Meetings each rep attends per day.
  • Meetings that get scheduled but don’t happen, etc.
  • Calls each sales rep makes per day.
  • Emails each rep sends per day.
  • Mails that get replied to.
  • Emails that get ignored, etc.

You can also track the time your sales reps spend on various activities. A real-time sales force tracker makes it easier to detect productivity issues and fix them.

When you know what is normal and what is not, you can take proactive steps to address issues before they become big problems. You also have enough data to provide constructive feedback to sales reps who are falling behind in their activities. Real-time field sales tracking helps you make more informed decisions that help improve the company’s sales.

Benefit 4: Measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

If you want to make sure your reps are getting the best results in their field sales efforts, you need to track the right numbers. Without tracking these key indicators, you can’t tell how your sales is performing. A field sales tracking system would allow you to measure the impact of each sale that your team makes.

Sales teams track metrics like the number of calls they make and the number of leads they follow up on. Service teams track metrics like the number of tickets they close and the average ticket time. You can track metrics that can impact your organization’s health and growth. Also, you can track metrics that are important to your company’s bottom line.

Benefit 5: Track Reps’ Activities in Real-Time

Sales forecasts would be better when you know that your reps are visiting the right customers and meeting them at the right time. You can do so by tracking your sales reps’ activities in real time with the help of a field sales tracking system. This would make it easier for you to identify the best times and days for your sales visits etc.

You can also monitor how your sales force is spending their time on field visits to make sure that they are following the pre-defined rules. Doing so will help you identify cases of poor sales efficiency and productivity. You can further improve the accuracy of your real-time field sales tracking app by leveraging the power of GPS tracking.

GPS tracking will help you track the duration and locations of field visits to give you a detailed insight into how much time your sales reps are spending visiting the customers, traveling between the customers, and waiting for them. The sales force track app with GPS tracking features will help you identify cases of poor sales efficiency and productivity even before they become big issues.

Bonus Points

  • The best field sales app will allow you to identify and address any potential problems. If your company is using an outdated or ineffective system, you may not notice when one of your sales reps is struggling or has a potential issue. Your system would allow you to see when one of your reps is falling behind on their metrics or just isn’t getting the results that they should.
  • You would also be able to identify which reps are struggling and how they are struggling. Further, you would be able to spot any trends or issues that could impact your sales if you don’t address them quickly.


A field tracking app is a powerful tool that can help organizations improve their sales performance. It can provide significant benefits to any company. While all these benefits sound great, companies need to make sure they choose the right sales tracking software. Make sure it provides functionality that is best suited to your sales process.

If you are looking to adopt this practice in your organization, feel free to take a consultation from us.

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July 27, 2022
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